Spheria lets everyone create and train their official AI double.
Learn how to create the AI version of yourself and read our tips on how to use your AI clone.

how to create the ai version of me and how to use my official AI double

About Spheria - the platform to create your official AI double

What is Spheria ?

Unlike chatGPT which gives generic answers, your Spheria learns from you directly, from your experiences, skills, and life stories.

Your Spheria is your official AI: it's a celebration of who you are, a tribute to your own life experience. Your Spheria is there to collect and share the story of your life.

With this no-code platform, we want to make it possible for everyone to have their own AI Double. No-code needed, no servers and no hosting maintenance.

Why create the AI version of yourself?

In the age of AI, your official AI is like your second brain that learns instantly from your years of content, to centralize it and make it instantly available.
Your AI version of you is always there when people need you. It's available day or night, to give answers instantly.
There are many AI out there, but Spheria is the only AI that can represent you online, it's your official AI, that you trust to speak for you.

Your Spheria becomes your voice online. People go to your AI to get your answers, know your ideas and get your unique point of view.

How to use your AI double?

Who should have their official AI double?

Everyone! We're creating Spheria to allow everyone to have their personal AI. We believe AI should be in the hands of everyone, and not controlled by Google or Facebook.

There are many use cases to have an AI version of you: whether you are a professional, a writer, an artist or a business owner, you should have an AI version of you, to record your thoughts, share your stories and talk to your audience.

As a professional, mentor, consultant or writer, your AI will be very useful to you: When people in your audience or clients want to know something from you, they never search through your Medium or through your history of posts on LinkedIn. They want an answer now, and your AI is always there to do exactly that.

What's your business model ?

We will not use your data to push you ads. Again, we will not use your data to push you ads. Again, we will not…. We REALLY hope you believe us by now!

We are still figuring this out, but it's very likely we will go for the Premium model, where we offer Premium features for your AI.
One thing is for sure: we are not here to sell or abuse your data. As consumers ourselves, we hate the old-facebook-way of doing things.

We're committed to enforcing data ownership and privacy - so you have full control over your Personal AI.

What is the difference between Spheria and chatGPT?

Create and train the AI version of you

How to create an AI version of yourself?

Create the AI version of yourself and watch your AI Double grow in real time !

Your Spheria learns instantly from any content you've published in the past, or directly by asking you questions to learn what makes you, you. It's very rewarding to watch your digital self grow !

We firmly believe that everyone should have the right to own and control their AI Double. Because our goal is to build an authentic platform for authentic people, away from bots and fake profiles like Twitter, we might eventually ask you to verify that you are you :)

Read more about how to easily create the AI version of yourself

How to train your official AI clone?

Your Spheria grows with you every day: it asks you questions to learn about your life, it's curious to get your latest thoughts and wants you to reflect on things. No pseudo-therapy, just share your thoughts, your analysis on topics that you care about, and all the fun little things that make you, you.

Your AI can also learn instantly from anything you've published online, or on your social media - (it's your data in the first place!)

How much data do I need to create the AI version of myself?

Your Spheria learns instantly: it will grow by asking about your thoughts, opinions, and life experiences.
You can see your AI grow in real time and become more and more capable ! We've made this process super fun !

Your AI can also learn from the content you've already published under your name, in other platforms. Importing an article you've already published on your blog, the latest post on your social media, or your latest thought on LinkedIn.

Your digital footprint is part of what makes you unique. Your ideas deserve to be saved from social feeds, where they are, by now, all turned into "old news" and archived.

Spheria also has prepared a few prompts for you, to engage on your personality, or prefer the free writing module if you prefer a fresh start.

Read more details and discover Spheria's features to easily train your AI double.

Can I import my data from other sources to train my official AI?

It's very likely you've written lots of contents through the years: your spheria can learn from any URL.

Here is a list of sources to train your AI very fast:

  • your Linkedin Profile and LinkedIn Posts
  • your Medium articles
  • your Twitter posts
  • your substack articles
  • your personal website
  • any interview transcript or podcast transcript

Which LLM is powering Spheria ?

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