Deep Links - a new feature to make the AI version of you even more powerful

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Creating the AI version of yourself was the first step into the Future. You can now share Deep Links to link directly to specific information inside your AI's Virtual Brain.

We are proud to release the new feature called Deep Links, that will both empower your AI double, and the way you generate and manage content online.

Deep Links are like a bookmark into your own Virtual Brain

Deep Links are like a magic bookmark into your AI's virtual brain. With a Deep Link, your AI directly shares a specific answer or information, without anyone having to type or ask anything. They let your AI double share specific answers directly.

Your AI will guide the visitor directly to the right answer. We've designed this feature to really make it feel as someone is entering your mind.

It also allows the visitor to ask follow up questions, dig deeper to learn more, or reorient the conversation as they need.

How to create a Deep Link to my Spheria ?

You can create a Deep Link instantly, directly from your Control panel: simply type in the query you want to share and the link will be generated as you type!

Deep Links are made of two parts:

  • the first part is the public link to your personal AI on Spheria
  • the second part uses "?q=" to contain the query or specific question you want to link to.

They would typically look like this:
Your Deep Links can contain any query you want, there is no limit to the content you can link to.

Where to share my Deep Links ?

Deep Links are ment to be shared and they will actually be very useful to anyone who receives them. You are saving people the pain of searching on Google for hours to read and compare answers on the internet. Instead, they have direct access to your own recommendation, to your own advice, in one click.

Share your Deep Links to your audience, on your website or on LinkedIn, to your friends and family on WhatsApp, or any community that you are part of...

Pro Tip: Deep Links for content creators and SEO

After you've shared your Deep Link publicly on LinkedIn or on your website, it's likely that algorithms will find the Deep Link and index it for SEO. Google and other indexing engines will see it as a new page, and as brand new content that can help or be relevant to others.

No SEO work or optimization needed, the Deep Link becomes its own stand-alone webpage on the Internet that appears on SEO results. It helps boost your online presence, and you might see an increase in traffic to your AI !

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