Making an AI Version of Yourself: A Step-By-Step Guide

how to create the ai version of me and how to use my official AI double

The internet needs more authentic and trustable voices based on real humans, not more fictional ai-bots or shady reddit usernames.

In summary, this is how to create the AI Version of Yourself in just a few clicks, and how to use it, and why personality is the most important aspect of any AI double:

  • within a few minutes, your AI learns from your last 10 years of work experience and your hobbies
  • Your AI can import your existing data from social platforms and learn from any content you've previously published
  • Fun personality modules help you grow your AI into the official 'AI version of yourself'
  • Use your AI Clone as your official and trusted voice online: it centralizes into your Virtual Brain all your ideas and experiences, that you can share with one link. Your ideas live, under your control, forever.

the AI version of yourself preview

Why create the AI Version of Yourself? How to use your AI Double?

When you create your AI double, it's fully your own: everything it learns comes directly from you.

  1. Use your AI as the official AI version of Yourself: your AI becomes your official voice online, giving your real and trusted answers that no-one else but you can give.
  2. Your own Virtual Brain that you can share: your AI centralizes all your ideas and experiences in one place, under your control. Now, all your ideas live free from feeds or algorithms and you can share your entire knowledge with one simple link.
  3. Your AI Double is also the best alternative to a personal website in 2024: no maintenance, no updates, it becomes your AI-powered Blog that can speak, share images, and explain your work.
  4. Your AI Clone always there to help others: Your AI is always on to provide career advice, recommendations, and personal insights to others when they need it.

Create your AI Clone in a few clicks

create your official ai double easily with Spheria

Spheria stands out from the other various AI platforms like HeyPi or chatGPT thanks to one strong feature:
in one click, you can import into your AI all your existing data, and anything you've previously published online on social media accounts like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Medium.

your AI Double has a Virtual Brain that centralizes all your knowledge

Spheria's modular approach guides you to import your data, in one click.

Within the first 4 minutes of creating the AI version of me, my AI absorbed 124 data points.

  • My AI Twin learned from my career over the last 10 years from LinkedIn
  • My AI learned instantly from my old website
  • It learned many of my ideas from my old Medium posts
on Spheria your AI clone has learning modules to grow fast

My AI Twin learned instantly about the artists that inspire me, and my portfolio

Your AI is as unique as you.

Grow the AI version of yourself with your personality

Unlike chatGPT, which rely heavily on prompts and is fully generic to suit everyone, your AI Double is as unique as you, and lives under your control. Your AI grows along your side and learns from the many aspects of your personality to accurately represent you.

Grow your AI at any moment by adding the latest pictures or sharing the latest ideas to your AI effortlessly.

Creating the AI version of yourself might have seemed like a distant utopia in the past, but Spherai makes it easy and accessible to everyone.

In a digital landscape dominated by impersonal AI interactions, having your own AI becomes essential for data protection, content ownership, and knowledge preservation. Importantly, this AI version reflects your personality, preserving the human touch in our future interactions.

ai version of meai double