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Always on, Always you.

The AI version of you.


Your Spheria gives you a voice, even when you don't post anything online. Your AI is always there to give answers that no one else but you can give.

Unique, like you

Let your network get a full sense of who you are, beyond your job title or your bio.

Your source of truth

Your Personal AI is your Second Brain, searchable, home to your opinions, life experiences, and anything you've previously published.

Create the AI version of yourself

Thousands of people all have already created their official AI double on Spheria.
Learn how to use the AI version of yourself, and let it be your voice online.

The magic of
having 2 of you.

Meet your Second Self.

It's your AI-clone, that can speak in your name.

Your AI truly represents you online because everything it knows comes directly from you.

Talk to my AI first

Your official AI empowers you online.

It's where people go, to learn from you.

You're there when people need you, day or night.

All your content, always relevant.

Your voice should not be lost in the limbos of inboxes & feeds.

Your AI is the Forever-Home to all your ideas, past and present, making them immediately available.

Just ask your Spheria.

Train your Digital AI Double instantly

To truly become the AI Version of Yourself, your AI learns directly and only from you.

Your AI can learn from any of your existing online content in seconds. Or simply answer your AI's questions as it wants to know you.

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Your Official AI, built on Privacy and Trust.

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Our actions speak louder than words: our Head of AI Ethics has created this dedicated hub to share our Research on AI Ethics, to explain the safeguards and commitments that we're setting, and explain how we enforce Privacy.

Discover our AI Ethics and Privacy hub

Welcome to real privacy, finally.

Users have complimented us many times for our great Privacy Policy.
Read our Commitment to user Privacy.


You have full ownership of your Data, and your AI.

Everything you share to your AI is strictly yours, and stays under your control.


Your Data is never mixed with other users.

Each user gets their own entirely separate database, and your Data is secured with AES-256 military grade encryption.

Real Privacy, finally

Only you (and your AI) can access your data.

Your Data will never be used by us or by anyone...especially not Facebook or Google.

Knowing this is a huge peace of mind, for you, and for us.

A future with Spheria

Spheria is built on trust and privacy. That's why no AI from Google, Facebook or chatGPT will ever be legitimate enough.

Spheria is a celebration of your individuality, a tribute to your existence. The AI version of you is truly authentic and centered around you, your ideas and your life experience.

Thousands of people choose and trust Spheria to create the AI version of them. Your AI is truly your own, trusted to represent you and speak in your name at all times.

Frequently Asked

What is Spheria ?

Spheria is the only AI that celebrates you for who you are, and grows along your side every day.

What is a personal AI?
How to create the AI version of me ?

Simply login and let your AI guide you. Answer your AI's first questions. Watch the AI versoin of you grow and learn instantly!

How to train your AI ?
What is your Business Model ?

We clearly have no interest in pushing you pizza ads.

Talk direclty to our founder's on their Spheria: