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Always on, Always you.

Your official extension of you online.


Your Spheria gives you a voice, even when you don't post. It works for you day and night, giving answers that no one else but you can give.

Unique, like you

Let your network get a full sense of who you are, beyond your job title.

Your source of truth

Your Personal AI is your Second Brain, searchable, home to your opinions, life experiences, and anything you've previously published.

Your official AI, built on trust.


Each user gets their own entirely separate database. Your data is then encoded and secured with AES-256 military grade encryption to make sure only you can add or edit your data.

Your data, your control

You have full control and ownership of your data. It's strictly yours. Data will never be used without your knowledge and consent.

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Grow your AI fast

Train your AI with your existing data from linkedin, social media, your blog or website...

Share links, documents, emails, interviews... See your AI grow and learn instantly!

Accuracy first

Your AI will never answer on your behalf if it's not 100% sure. It doesn't guess, it never invents.

It's the only AI that's not afraid to say "I don't know"!

A future with Spheria

Spheria is a celebration of our individuality, a tribute to our existence. We see AI being built everywhere, growing bigger and bigger, but always missing one key component: our life experience.

We want to equip and empower everyone with a personal AI that is truly authentic and legitimate, centered around what we experience, what we think, how we feel.

With Spheria, we want to elevate our common consciousness, empower us to connect to each other to access multiple perspectives, personal takes on living, creating, and understanding the world.

Frequently Asked

What is Spheria ?

Spheria is the only personal AI that celebrates you for who you are, and grows along your side every day.

What is a personal AI?
How to create your personal AI?

Request an invitation to receive your secure access link to your AI and your account. Simply login and watch your AI come to life. Let it guide you, answer your AI's first questions. Watch it learn and grow instantly!

How to train your AI ?
What is your Business Model ?

We clearly have no interest in pushing you pizza ads.

Talk direclty to our founder's on their Spheria: