Our Commitment to Users, Data and Privacy

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If you are reading this, you are probably wondering about what happens to your data. Well done! This is a great question to ask yourself, especially while creating an AI version of you that relies on learning from you.

We are founders, but consumers too, and we hate it when companies abuse and sell our data. We want to be completely transparent about what happens on Spheria.

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Here is the summary of our commitments to protect your privacy and data.

Data Ownership:

  • We are firm believers of data ownership. It's your data and yours only.
  • Anything you publish on your Spheria belongs to you. This will never change.
  • Your data is stored in its own separated database. It's separated from other users, so it is not blended or mixed with others.

Data Usage:

  • We do not use your data to train our AI models.
  • We actually don't need your data to train our AI models - we can already generate everything we need using chatGPT and other open source Language Models.
  • If we ever need to use your data, we will ask your permission first - obviously.
  • We will not use your data to push you ads. Again, we will not use your data to push you ads. Again, we will not…. We REALLY hope you believe us by now!

Data security:

  • Your database is anonymized, meaning your database's name is a unique identifier of around 30 characters that don't relate to you.
  • Your data is encrypted using AES-256 encryption. It's military grade solid. More explanations here
  • Your data is hosted on a Google Cloud server in the United States. It's standard.
  • Google does not access the data that we store on our servers.


  • Your Spheria AI can be public or private. It's your choice.
  • Making your Spheria public means that your AI will share facts about you with anyone who asks. It sounds scary but it actually amounts to the same as having a public website, sharing travel tips or being active on Twitter. We think sharing points of views, ideas and stories is a good thing.
  • Your data is never shared with any third party application. In fact, there are no third party applications integrated with our backend. It's safer this way too.

Tracking and data collection:

  • In our product, we use very light analytics that are tied to your account. We only use MixPanel to track when a returning user logs in, and the UI elements on which users click. That's it.
  • We only track clicks so we can fine tune and improve our product. The goal is to give the best experience, by keeping or improving the features that are used, and remove the clutter if nobody uses it.
  • For new visitors, we track the web-pages that are shown. This is anonymous, and only tells us which pages of our website are displayed.

That's it ! We hope we've given you all the clarity to feel good about training your official AI clone with your data. You can now create your personal AI. We stay at your full disposal for further questions.

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