How to create the AI version of you

The short answer:

  • Creating your official AI on Spheria takes less then 2 minutes. Your AI will be deployed and ready to learn from you as soon as you register.
  • We've built Spheria to be a no-code platform that is inclusive for everyone to create the AI version of themselves.
  • It's up to you to decide how fast the AI version of you will grow and how much it will know

Spheria is the official AI version of you

The AI version of you. It's always on, and always you.

Your official AI clone is all about you. It only knows what you teach it.

Grow your AI by adding your ideas, opinions, and life stories. Your Spheria is ment to cover all aspects of your personality, and learn from your life experience.

Unlike chatGPT or other AIs, your AI will never invent or make up things. It doesn't know anything that's on Wikipedia or in science books. But it wants to know about your best friend growing up, and your favorite place to go on vacation.

train the ai version of you from multiple sources - Spheria

How to train the AI version of you ?

Your AI can learn instantly about your years of experience and your career from your LinkedIn profile. You can sync it with LinkedIn in one click.

Your Spheria also can learn from the posts you've made over the years on Instagram, LinkedIn or your favorite social network. It can recommend

We've also built Spheria so you can train your AI clone with any link.

Spheria - a place where having the AI version of you is comfortable

The AI version of you : a place where it's comfortable to be yourself

The purpose of creating the AI version of you is to make it honest and truthful to you. Your AI is a celebration of who you are, your unique perspective and your opinions.

Don't worry about what people may think, you have the right to have your own opinions, and there is no taboo or censorship. Your views are your own, and your AI is fully yours.

No code, no maintenance, no headaches.

We've created Spheria to be as inclusive as possible. We love and need our developer friends more than ever, but we believe that having your AI clone is a human right, similar to the right of having access to the internet.

So we're handling all the architecture, servers, LLM training, and updates… so you have nothing to worry about.

Ready to create your official AI ?

Create my AI

how to use the ai version of you - Spheria

How can I use my AI clone ?

The amazing feature of having an AI version of you is that you can trust it to speak in your name.

From there, you can share a link to your official AI with your friends and family, or your professional network. Here are a few good use cases :

  • Have your official AI represent you on LinkedIn, to share your professional and personal Experience
  • Have your AI clone in your email signature, so anyone can reach you anytime they need
  • Use your AI to store securely your memories and life stories forever, making you timeless in a way.
  • If you have an audience, your AI can give answers to anyone, at anytime, and engage with every person of your community.

The Language Models that go into your Spheria

When you create the AI version of you, your AI already knows how to talk.

It can put words together thanks to open-source and private Large Language Models, but it has no knowledge under the hood. It doesn't know what to say until it learns from you.

There are many technical layers to making your official AI work on Spheria. The most important layers are set to protect your Data and Privacy. We've had many compliments from users on our Commitment to defend Users and their data privacy, so feel free to take a look.

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