How to train my official AI Double?

The short answer:

  • After you created it, your AI clone wants to learn from your thoughts, opinions and your life stories. It will learn directly from you. Follow the fun training modules and watch your AI Clone grow into the AI version of yourself.
  • Your AI clone can learn from any web-link, or any previous content you've published online.
  • We created Spheria as a no-code platform, to allow everyone to have their own AI Double.
  • Zero maintenance: no architecture, servers or updates to worry about. It's no-code.
  • And yes, your AI already knows how to talk. It can put words together thanks to open-source and private LLMs. But it doesn't know what to say until it learns from you.

your official ai on linkedin to talk to your network

The magic of having two of you - get ready to say “Talk to my AI”

We've made it incredibly easy to train your AI instantly, so it can be there with you, everywhere, to be in touch with everyone.

All your thoughts over the years, your articles, interviews, memorable stories… all in one place.

Share your AI where it matters most, whether on your LinkedIn Profile for your professional network, on your website for your visitors, or in your newsletter for your readers…

Get ready to say “talk to my AI”

train the ai version of me using my personality

Only one data set : YOU

Your official AI Clone is all about you. It's home to your ideas, opinions, and life stories, where you can be comfortably you.

Your Spheria covers all aspects of your personality by offering you quick and fun training modules. Just jump into a module, answer the fun questions, and watch the AI version of you grow instantly.

There are many fun modules around all aspects of your personality, to bring together all the little things that make you you.

train my official AI from any link on the web

It makes sense for the AI version of you to learn from your own social media, Substack, Medium, or your blog. Your AI can do that in just one click !

We've built Spheria so you can train your AI with any link (your website, your blogs, calendly, etc).

Yes, your AI clone can learn from any link. But it's also important to remember that your AI is not meant to become Wikipedia :) When your visitors ask questions to your AI, they want YOUR perspective, not general facts they can find on Google or Quora…

Train my Official AI Double using my linkedin profile

Sync your AI with your LinkedIn and your years of work experience in 1 click

Your personal AI can learn from your career in just a few seconds. Importing your LinkedIn profile allows your AI to instantly learn about your jobs, companies, industries, and years of experience.

Your AI also learns from the thoughts you've shared on LinkedIn over the years, no matter the amount of likes.

create the ai version of me from my Instagram

Sync your AI with your Instagram

It's a great way to grow it with little bits of your personality. Spheria imports your Instagram posts (photos, videos, and text).

These are the memories you treasure, your travel stories, and your good moments in life. Through your AI, they now belong to you, more than ever.

import my thoughts and articles into my AI

Import my Medium articles into my AI Double:

Importing your medium articles allows your AI to be trained on your personal opinions, perspectives, and thoughts about your hobbies. In one click, add the link to your Medium profile, and your Spheria will learn article by article.

Many Spheria users who have imported a single medium article have realized that it brought them between 300+ data points.

import my newsletters from substack to create the AI version of me

Import my ideas and thoughts from Substack or my newsletter into my Official AI Double

Training your AI with your the contents of your newsletters is an amazing way grow your AI fast, in the most personal way. Your AI will be able to answer questions from your subscribers, and talk about any idea you've shared, present or past.

Even better, your Official AI Double centralizes all your ideas and stories into one central home. Your AI becomes your voice, always available to share and give answers. Your ideas are not archived in an inbox or deleted by accident.

ai version of me