Image Augmentation - Your AI double can now learn, share and reply with your images.

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We are incredibly proud to release this new feature. The AI version of yourself can now handle your images. It learns from them, and can share the right images with its answers. Your AI's Virtual Brain can now hold all your images forever, and even include them in your Deep Links.

Your official AI can now reply with your images.

Your AI double gives better answers by adding the most relevant pictures to its answers. It will only share a picture of it's strongly related to the question or the answer asked.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so your Official AI gives answers that are much more informative and more than ever unique to you.

Your official AI tells the full story.

With these new image capabilities, the AI version of you gives an augmented experience into your life, to share your unique point of view.

Your AI only shows the most relevant images that go along your answer.

ai version of you replies with your images gives the right answer ai double showing the most relevant picture

New prompts for your AI's Virtual Brain.

We've created simple command prompts to help you manage the images inside your Virtual Brain.

These prompts are only allowed for AI owners:

  • "show me all my pictures" > your AI returns all the pictures you've shared
  • "show all my pictures of my trip to Denmark" > your AI will find all the images relevant to this query
  • "show my pictures of Paris" > your AI will return the most relevant pictures.

Always protecting your privacy, especially with pictures.

To protect your privacy, your AI will not allow prompts from visitors asking for "all" images. Your AI will only share up to 3 images at a time with visitors.

Visitors can ask to see pictures of Bali and will see up to 3 pictures. They can ask to see pictures of the "beach in Bali", and it will share up to 3 images, similar or different from just "Bali".

To protect your copyrights and privacy, images are shown as 3D particles, so that people can't take a screenshot or copy your image. Only you have the original.

Your stories kept safe, for ever.

The AI version of you lives forever. It makes your stories timeless and available to your loved ones tomorrow, and 50 years from now.

Your AI can store and collect the pictures of your life, to hold your memories through time and carry your presence through future generations.

Grow your AI with your memorable moments and your life's stories. Your AI becomes your digital legacy, and it's a beautiful gift to give to your family.

Your pictures stay in your control.

By now the big Tech companies probably own all your pictures from your phones or your synchonized accounts. And yes, they are absolutely using your pictures to train their own AIs and sadly to push you better ads, without your consent. We hate this.

Spheria keeps your pictures in your hands, under your control for now and for ever. We are proud that this new feature abides more than ever by our privacy commitments and our code of Ethics..

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