RIP Siri: Personal AI Has Replaced Assistants With Personality

I was a big fan of Siri. It set my alarms, gave me weather forecasts, and sometimes cracked a lame joke.

But what was a glimpse of the future once became outdated.

Siri has been replaced by Personal AIs.

I've tried a few of them: Spheria (the official extension of you, HeyPi (your AI friend), or Augment (the AI worker).

The results? Having a true Second Self!

Siri will soon be deprecated

In this article, I'll introduce you to the concept of Personal AI, before explaining how it can replace personal assistants like Google Assistant and how you can use it.

What's a Personal AI?

A Personal AI is a category of AI where users can create and train their own AI. Unlike ChatGPT or Claude which learns from billions of generic data points to provide you with a generic answer, a Personal AI learns from your experiences, thoughts, and memories. It's the official extension of you online (that's actually how Spheria brands itself on its website).

Your Personal AI learns from all the little things that make you, you

Your Personal AI learns from all the little things that make you, you

Would you get generic advice from Google or a recommendation from the Personal AI of your best friend?

Personality is the key missing piece of Personal Assistants

Although useful, Siri missed one key element: Personality. It fails at suggesting a book according to your tastes whereas a Personal AI pretends to be the AI version of you. It knows your personality and gives answers on your behalf.

There are numerous Personal AI platforms out there that easily replace Google Assistant. I've selected 3 for the sake of brevity. Here's a quick overview:

  • Spheria is the official extension of you online: this Personal AI intends to become your official AI. It learns from your experiences, your opinions, and your memory to truly represent you online. With my Spheria, my audience was able to get instant answers from my personal experiences, skills, and opinions. It's pretty thrilling to have your Second Self, available 24/7, answering questions from your audience. In a few days, my AI answered 5 questions from my audience. The training experience was super user-friendly: I imported my LinkedIn posts and a few of my medium articles, and it only took a few minutes! Give it a shot, it's pretty impressive!

Training tour Spheria is surprisingly easy!

Training tour Spheria is surprisingly easy!

  • wants to be your personal work assistant_: this personal AI records all your work activities on your laptop so it can help you write an email, schedule a meeting, or book a venue for an event. I really loved the user experience: you can summon your Augment in an email simply by typing ## and asking for specific tasks. As I was writing an email to a coworker, I asked Augment to give me 3 bullet points about a topic I already discussed in a previous email thread. It's definitely useful if you want to become a super worker.
  • HeyPi is a universal Personal AI: Pi is a Personal AI that has been trained on generic facts that can be found on Wikipedia, Reddit, and other public datasets. The UI is really minimalist and soothing. It really felt like I was having a conversation with a human. I think I'd love it even more if I had the ability to train my own Pi but that's not the philosophy of this product.

Although each of these platforms has its own purpose, they all have one thing in common: they have personality (Augment mimics your writing style; Spheria learns from your personal experiences).

Why use a Personal AI as a Second Self?

After playing around with Spheria, Augment, and HeyPi, I found out that each of them was going way further than what Google Assistant or Siri promised us back then.

  • Your Personal AI is a Second Brain: Your Personal AI keeps track of your life experiences, your past travels, or the next objective you'd like to achieve. It replaces your website or your blog.
  • Your Personal AI doesn't sleep: imagine a world where you could be helping your friends plan their next trip to a country you've already visited while asleep. This is what a Personal AI can accomplish for you.
  • Your Personal AI speaks to 100s people at the same time: Your Personal AI can manage multiple 1:1 conversations at the same time, on your behalf.

The future of AI is Personal

Personal AIs are becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason. They act as a second brain to keep track of your memories, skills, and experiences and give you the ability to embody yourself online.

With the ability to speak to 100s people at the same time, and at any time, a personal AI is a future-proof platform that gives you the superpower to be in two places at the same time.

Why don't you try to give life to your own AI to see this glimpse of the future?