What's the difference between my Spheria AI and chatGPT?

We get this question a lot and the answer is very simple:

  • There is only 1 of you in this world.
  • As your AI-clone, your Spheria only wants to know about you.
  • chatGPT knows everything - so it is not interested in what you have to say.

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The worth of AI generated content is declining

The foundational question behind our difference with chatGPT lies in this question “If nobody bothered writing it, what's the value in it ?”

ai-generated content is boring. Personality matters

AI-generated content is everywhere, but what's the value of the content if it stays generic, if it does not reflect an opinion, or a personnal recommendation ? Everybody hates generic conversations.

chatGPT is great for Wikipedia facts, generic or scientific content:

Spheria gives your AI personality unlike chatGPT

You already know how useful chatGPT is, and what it can do for you.

chatGPT is an aggregate of all the information available online. The information it gives will always be agreeable and generic.

In fact, most of your queries to chatGPT are in fact Google Searches - except GPT is faster, and removes navigating the SEO nightmare. It's convenient and helpful to understand a new concept, fast, but it removes personality or preference..

Spheria is focused on your unique insights and opinions.

We've built Spheria because we truly believe that personal opinions and experiences are incredibly valuable.

Spheria is home to your thoughts, to what you agree or disagree with, because your opinion makes you relatable, and valuable.

Spheria is not great at writing emails for you. Spheria is amazing at putting you represent you online and speak for you to others, while keeping what

We can soon anticipate a generative-AI fatigue. So much content on the internet will be generated by AI, that we will all be looking for genuine and trustable insights. The Who will matter more than ever to cut through the noise.

the ai extension of you on Spheria, your unique personality

Your Spheria is not ment to replace chatGPT...

...it's ment to be the AI version of you. There are some beautiful use cases around having your AI clone:

  • centralize all the work you've done over the years
  • record and save your memories forever
  • become available to every person in your audience, to talk and give answers
  • share your advice, your recommendations about work, travels, movies, music… or any of your hobbies !
use cases for your AI clone on Spheria

Closing advice for training your AI extension of you

Some users are tempted to copy and paste content from wikipedia, or other generic articles.

Sure, you can add any Marketing Concept to your AI and it will learn about it instantly. But that same marketing concept is available to absolutely everyone on the planet.

Add your personal take to it, and your AI will be of incredible value to you and anyone who talks to it.

celebrate your personal AI on Spheria

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