AI vs Human Creativity: How Authenticity Will Survive Thanks to Personal AI

AI is going to obliterate creative work in the next decade”

Since the advent of ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude, this anthem has become quite popular. And, to be honest, it's pretty hard to go against this opinion.

This was until the arrival of a new category of tools and platforms: Personal AI.

Personal AIs offer a bright perspective for the creative industry and, more broadly, for personal and professional use. Often seen as a Second Self, Personal AIs like Spheria, Quivr, or Augment are promising us a world where individuals can tap into their creative potential like never before… without threatening authenticity.

AI is threatening human creativity

Let's take a look at how these new platforms will transform our daily lives.

How Personal AIs Are Different from an AGI like ChatGPT?

AI startups are currently utilizing AI to transform the way we access information quickly and easily.

In this race, they are facing numerous questions:

  • How do we keep track of our life experiences?
  • How do we store all of our learnings?
  • How do we record our memories?

At the moment, personal AI offers the best answer.

Personal AI is a category of AI that provides you with the tools to create, train, and grow your own AI. But, instead of relying on 100 trillion data points (like ChatGPT-4), your Personal AI learns from your data: your skills, experiences, and memories. A personal AI is a true extension of your mind online, drawing from your memory bank to give life to your new writing project, exploring new business ideas from your professional background, and connecting you seamlessly with the people who will unlock your creativity. offers your audiences the ability to explore your Second Brain 24/7 offers your audiences the ability to explore your Second Brain 24/7

Unlike Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Personal AI acts as your Second Brain powered by Artificial Intelligence. It won't obliterate your creativity, it's actually the opposite: it will improve the creative process, giving you the room to be more authentic to a wider audience.

Let's take a look at existing takes on Personal AI.

Why are Personal AIs taking the world by storm?

Personal AIs are becoming increasingly popular, not only because they give access to what makes creative people unique but also because they solve critical problems. In this market, several startups are solving specific pain points:

  • is the only AI startup that gives everyday people the no-code platform to create and train their official AI with their skills, experiences, and memories. Spheria is always available to give answers, recommendations, or opinions of their users. It intends to be the only AI that is legitimate to speak for you to your audience while giving 24/7 access to your second brain.
  • Messaging with the company brands itself as “a digital extension of any person or a brand”. Its AI model uses your own data, notes, and opinions to create a digital version of you that is able to speak on your behalf on any messaging app.
  • Safe-keeping with Quivr: the startup lets you build your second brain online. You can upload any type of information, news articles, research papers, bookmarks from your browser, etc. But it doesn't have to be related to your experiences or your own memories though which is not typical of what a personal AI can achieve…
  • Finding with the company provides an app that “captures everything you've seen on your Mac and iPhone and makes it searchable with AI”. Like many of its competitors, it's catering to the B2B audience that is looking to better collaborate in the work space.
  • Working with Augment: the Vancouver-based startup offers a tool recording your work activity on your laptop to create an AI assistant that can achieve things for you. They are not yet open to general testing but are taking the AI assistant route.

As you can see, many AI startups are focusing on a critical pain point to solve, targeting more specifically professionals (Spheria being one of the few to cater to the B2C market).

What future for Personal AIs?

As AGIs are fueling many dystopias - one of them being the end of human creativity and authenticity- personal AIs actually intend to unleash people's full creative potential. By acting as a second brain to keep track of your memories, skills, and experiences and better embody you online, a personal AI is a future-proof tool that will set you apart in a world flooded by AI-generated content.

Think of all these new possibilities, unlocked by the prospect of having your own Personal AI:

  • Keeping all your records (articles, photos, posts, and audio) in a unique safe space
  • Giving access to your second brain to your communities, around the clock
  • Augmenting your skills with learnings gathered from your Personal AI
  • Letting your Personal AI answer the most recurring questions we ask you

Give yourself the tools to augment your online existence, increase your personal intelligence, and showcase your creativity.