The difference between having the AI version and the AI extension of me

Having the AI extension of you and the AI version of you are different things. One is functional, the other one is an ideal. And because both aim at representing you and dealing with your identity, we should be mindful of knowing what goes behind these terms.

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What is the difference between having an AI extension and an AI version of me ?

The AI extension of you is an AI entity that you trust to represent you online and speak for you. You can customize and train the AI extension of you to best represent you.

It's like having your own emissary who is legitimate to speak to others for you. You are in control and decide what it knows and what it can do.

The AI version of you captures 100% of your personality, memories and all the little things that make you you. The AI version of you is the most advanced and final state of your AI extension. It's an AI that knows you in incredible detail, and can cover most aspects of your personality. It takes years of use to cover someone's identity.

How to create and train the AI extension of me ?

This question is very important and it will decide what your AI extension can actually do for you.

  • You can create your AI extension to represent your personality and opinions. And because your personality is more than just work OR life, your AI extension will be more complete and accurate to who you are.

    the AI extension of me covers my entire personality with Spheria

Few AI companies can deliver on the promise of having an accurate AI-extension of you, but has been leading the space, having equipped thousands of people already.

  • You can have a work-only AI extension of you only dedicated for work: many startups are focusing on that segment. The AI for work will only cover documents, meetings, notes… and exclude anything else that represents you.

Beware of the AI hype and false promises

To fully be the AI version of you, your official AI needs to know literally everything about you. No company or AI product out there can deliver on that promise out of the box.

It's easy for startups and AI companies to pretend they are creating the AI version of you - but unless they cover 100% of who you are, and not just one apect, they are not being truthful to you. You are more than just work, or just your Instagram account.

Companies like host thousands of chatbots based on fictional characters. Even then, these are not AI versions of anyone, since they are trained with wikipedia facts or movie scripts.

The AI version of you is the final result after creating and growing the extension of you. It takes years of being alive for humans to form a personality and a sense of self.

Conclusion: start by creating the AI extension of you - grow it into your second self

the ai version of you is a beautiful result after training your ai on Spheria

Training the AI extension of you is not hard and doesn't need to take very long. allows everyone to create their own official AI under 4 minutes - so you should start there.

Trust is also very important, and you should only pick a AI product that shows transparency and that you can trust with your data.

Start by creating your own AI and see how you like sharing your life stories and opinions with your AI.

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