The AI Double for Professionals - create the AI version of yourself and use your virtual brain to share your expertise

how to use your official AI double as a professional

In summary :

There are the 4 main reasons why, as a professional, you should create the AI version of yourself:

  1. Stand out with your unique experience and answers. Your AI double is there to explain your years of experience, your work style and help you stand out from the thousands of other professionals who have a similar job title as you.
  2. Your AI double is always there to give your unique answers. People need your advice, so let your AI give it to them...when they need it !
  3. The AI version of you centralizes all your knowledge, advice, and expertise into one place. Your Virtual Brain is home to all your ideas, experiences and advice. And It's very easy to import content from any platform or link like Substack, Medium or Linkedin.
  4. All the power of your Virtual Brain, shared into one link. Your AI double can show the right image along with the right explanation. You can give direct access to one information or to your entire virtual brain, to let people learn from you.

Your AI double is your voice that lives away from Feeds, to help you stand out in a crowded job market

Let's be honest, Linkedin is turning into an unconfortable place, often pushing you to compete for attention...

Instead, create the AI version of yourself, that learns from your opinions, your personality and your experiences.

Your AI double is your voice, always on to share your ideas and experience outside of LinkedIn Posts or Feeds. Your AI gives a full picture of who you are, to help you stand out from the thousands of people who have a similar job title as yours.

Let your AI double become your voice on and outside of LinkedIn:

  1. to share your expertise,
  2. to explain the challenges you are facing
  3. to give deeper updates, beyond a simple post, about you, your role,
  4. to explain who you are hiring, and the profiles you are looking for
  5. to explain what your day to day looks like, and inform others on how to collaborate with you

Your opinion matters more than a chatGPT answer

Hundreds of people have questions for you, people from your network want your advice...because your experience is unique and your opinion matters more than a chatGPT answer!

Your official AI double is always on, so you can be there when people need you. Your AI represents you online, it's trusted to speak in your name, to give answers only you can give.

The power of your Virtual Brain to share your expertise

Your AI powers your Virtual Brain. Your AI can:

  1. give your answers
  2. show specific resources to answer a question
  3. share illustrative example, screenshot and pictures

The virtual brain inside your AI grows as you train it. Sharing your AI is like sharing the power of your Virtual Brain and your unique knowledge along with it. Let people enter your knowledge space, to get to know you and learn from you.

Give direct access into your Virtual Brain

You can share direct access to a specific content or answer inside your virtual brain, by using Deep Links. Your AI will start engaging directly on the subject you chose, to give your answer without anyone having to type anything.

Your AI double is the one Home to all your ideas and expertise

Your AI learns from you, to gather all your years of experience, your opinions, and the work you've published over the years. We made it easy for you to import any content into your AI, to centralize into your AI double all your ideas from your Substack archives, or from your old Medium posts...

Your ideas live forever, and are always relevant ! The magic of having an AI version of yourself is that it does not archive your content. Just like your virtual brain, it can pull any relevant information when asked about it.