Creators, Designers or Artists, this is why you should create your digital AI Twin

create your digital AI twin as an artist, designer or creator

Here are the 4 main reasons why, as a Creator, Designer or Artist, you should create your digital AI Twin:

  • Your AI Double learns directly from you, to explain your work and your portfolio with your own words
  • Your AI can share your portfolio, your past or current work, explain the context of your work, and why you made certain decisions.
  • Your AI Double is making your art accessible to everyone, by always being there to explain and explain what you do.
  • Putting your ideas into your digital AI twin actually helps you reflect and grow

your AI twin talks about your work, your portfolio, and explains the choises and reasoning in your work

Your AI Twin explains your work, talks about your portfolio, and the artistic choices you had to make

Unlike chatGPT, your AI Twin on Spheria learns directly from you, your work, your career and inspiration. Your AI learns from the content you've already published, and by asking you questions directly.

The AI version of you is there to articulate your thoughts and inspirations precisely as you would, ensuring that your audience gains a deeper understanding and appreciation of your work. Your AI can share your vision, explain your portfolio or a specific piece of work.

People want to know about your creative process, and your AI is there, at scale, with a global audience, making your art more accessible. It can also handle repetitive inquiries, giving you more time to focus on creating new pieces.

your AI Twin is as unique as you by learning directly from you

Your AI Twin is as unique as you.

To become your official AI Twin, your AI learns directly from you, to explain and talk about your views and ideas, your artistic sensibility, your influences.

As a creator or artist, you are unique, and your AI Twin can only be as unique as you to reflect that. Your AI represents you online, to give a better understanding of who you are as a person, as a artist, and all the fragments of your personality.

All this helps potential clients and collaborators connect with you on a deeper level. By offering insights into your opinions and creative process, your AI Twin ensures that your story is told authentically, increasing your personal brand and making your art more relatable and engaging.

Your AI learns about the years you’ve spent building your career. Your AI Twin can articulate your artistic journey, highlighting the key moments and inspirations that have shaped your work.

Your AI Double explains the context behind every piece of work

Your AI Twin shares the story behind each of your creations

Your Creation is the result of many many choices. Your AI Double can share the inspiration, struggles, and breakthroughs that shaped each piece, providing a deeper context for your audience.

By conveying your thoughts and emotions with accuracy, your AI Twin ensures that viewers understand not just what you created, but WHY you created it.

This personal touch enhances the connection between you and your audience, making your art more meaningful and memorable.

Your Art, your journey and your Story live forever in your AI's Virtual Brain.

Art is timeless and every creation matters. Your AI centralizes into its Virtual Brain all your work, ideas, thoughts and art, so that it may always be available.

Your work, whichever magestic or humble, is yours to keep and your AI makes it available to show, forever.

Your AI Double can engage with art lovers, students, and researchers in real-time, across time and space, to give insights into your creative process and artistic philosophy. This is a huge boost, to reach and inspire people who might never have the chance to experience your work in person.

There is so much content on the internet, and we're all looking at thousands of images per day... It's very useful for Artist to create their digital AI Double, to help people appreciate your work and start a conversation.