The digital AI Double for Teachers - open your world of knowledge with the AI version of yourself

how to use your official AI double as a teacher and professor

These are the 4 main reasons why as a teacher, you should create the AI version of yourself:

  1. Your AI centralizes all your knowledge, advice, and expertise into one place. Your AI can learn instantly from all your publications, papers, research or documents.
  2. As a teacher and subject matter expert, your experience matters more than any chatGPT answer ! Spheria is the only AI that can represent you, to speak for you and give the answers only you can give.
  3. Your official AI double is always on, and always available to students, parents or anyone in academia..., to inform, explain, and give your unique answers about your work and your field of study.
  4. The power of your Virtual Brain, shared with one link: You can share in one link all your Virtual Brain and your world knowledge. Your AI can reply with images, resources, documents. You can give direct access to one information or to your entire virtual brain.

Train your AI double instantly with your world of knowledge

To become your official AI double, your AI learns directly from you. It can learn instantly from links, research papers, pdfs etc… simply import them in the Train section.

Centralize into your AI's Virtual Brain all your years of experience, your opinions, and the work you've published over the years and from your years of teaching.

Your ideas, opinions and advice live forever, instantly available.

Let people go deeper into your knowledge space

Your AI can learn from all the research and publications you've published over the years. You are a subject matter expert. Add any paper, thought or methodology to your AI and let anyone get deep into your expertise.

Your official AI gives highly specific answers about your work, research and findings to everyone who wants to learn from you.

Train your AI once, and let it give rich and personal answers as many times as people need it.

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Your experience matters more than any chatGPT answer

Your AI double is as unique as you: Your AI shares your views of the world, helps others by sharing your advice on any subject like work, life, methodologies, best practices… Your AI even explains how to succeed in your class, or in the real world.

Personal will always beat Generic. Unlike chatGPT, your Personal AI is there to share your real and unique perspectives, and hold to your life experiences.

Create the AI version of yourself and let it be the unique reflection of your ideas and who you are.

Teachers and Professors from around the world have already created their AI Double

Teachers from Harvard Business School, University of Virginia, University of Catalonia have strusted Spheria to create their AI Double.

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I've shared my Virtual Brain with other teachers and students, and now they regularly go to it get answers. My AI explains my class Methodology, my real world experience working in Tech companies, and how I see CS evolving in the future.
michael goldstein professor created his virtual brain with his ai double
Michael Goldstein
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Dept of Arts and Science, University of New Haven

Be instantly available for each student when they need you.

With AI everywhere, we all expect to get answers instantly. Let your AI double be there for every student, when they need you. Your students have hundreds of questions, about literally everything. Your AI helps them prepare for your class and succeed.

Creating the AI version of yourself allows you to be always available, at scale, to give your honest and personal answers, individually to each student or parent.

Let your AI handle the day to day questions about homework, assignments or tests…

Your entire Virtual Brain in 1 link that you can share

Once you create your official AI Double, you can share your Virtual Brain with anyone.

Simply share the link and let people talk to your AI. You get notified by email in real time of the converations happening with your official AI, so you can see what your AI replies.

Finally, You should know that Spheria was built so that your AI can guarantee a minimum of 95% certainty in its answers - meaning your AI will only reply when it absolutely knows the answer is correct. Below this threshold, your AI is not afraid to reply 'I don't know yet'.